NetflixNetflix has maintained its dominance of online viewing, defying predictions that competitors would snatch market share, Bloomberg reports. Netflix captured 33% prime-time Web viewing based on Internet traffic in September, beating, Hulu and Time Warner Inc.’s HBO Go by a multiple of at least 18, according to Sandvine Inc.’s Global Internet Phenomena Report. A year ago Netflix’s share was 32.7% and it share of peak Internet viewing traffic has climbed from 20.6% in the second half of 2010. Amazon’s market share amounted to 1.75% in September, while Hulu garnered 1.38% and HBO Go had 0.52%, according to the study. Billionaire investor Carl Icahn said last week he has taken a stake of almost 10% in Netflix and views the stock as undervalued. Netflix rose 1.7% to $77.68 at the close today in New York. The stock gained 12% in 2012 but is down 74% from a July 2011 closing high of $298.73. Netflix also adopted a poison pill takeover defense against Icahn. Sandvine said Netflix should maintain at least a 10-fold lead over competitors through 2014. Google’s YouTube is the No. 2 site with 14.8% of peak downstream traffic. Apple’s iTunes is No. 5 with 3.92%, up from 3.05% a year earlier. On mobile devices, however, YouTube remains the biggest user of bandwidth.