The Mark Gordon Co. and writers-producers Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts (ABC’s Revenge) have sold two hourlong projects, including one to ABC based on an original idea by actor Josh Duhamel. Both hail from ABC Studios, where the Mark Gordon Co. and Berg & Harberts have deals.

The untitled ABC project takes place behind the scenes of a daytime soap and explores the loves, lives, and lunacy at an on-the-bubble series, where the antics of the cast and crew are crazier than any of the plot lines they broadcast. Set during a time when the daytime drama genre is faltering, this larger-than-life “workplace family” fights a never-ending, desperate battle to keep their show on the air, their egos secure, and their relationships intact. Duhamel can certainly draw on personal experience, having started off on the ABC soap All My Children. He co-created the show with Berg and Harberts, who will write the script. Mark Gordon, Nicholas Pepper, Berg, Harberts, Duhamel and his friend, fellow actor Oliver Hudson will executive produce.

Berg and Harberts’ other project with the Mark Gordon Co. is Graveyard Queen at NBC. It is a high-concept genre soap opera based on the series of novels by Amanda Stevens. It centers on a beautiful young cemetery restorer cursed with the ability to see the dead who — at great risk to her physical and mental well-being — joins forces with a haunted homicide detective to solve a string of brutal murders in Charleston, SC. Berg and Harberts will write the script and will executive produce with Gordon and Pepper.

The two projects join nine other sales for the Mark Gordon Co. this season — three comedies: Dirty Girls (ABC), My Korean Deli (ABC), and Spinsters (NBC); and six dramas: Sex Diaries (ABC), Pros & Cons (ABC), Gothica (ABC), untitled family drama written by Bob Daily and Pierce Gardner (ABC), Vain (ABC), and Darkness Falls (CBS). Gordon, Berg & Harberts, Duhamel, Hudson and Stevens are repped by ICM Partners. Duhamel and Hudson are managed by John Carrabino and Management 360, respectively.