Brian Brooks is managing editor of MovieLine.

Chasing Ice froze out the specialty competition among newcomers on this Skyfall weekend. The documentary released by sales company Submarine’s distribution label grossed $21,000 in a single theater, NYC’s Cinema Village. The company’s Dan Braun noted the film had a big promotional push from key groups including North Face. Advanced group sales were significant. Specialty Box OfficeOther titles fared comparatively soft in their launches, with one distrib suggesting that the Skyfall juggernaut and Lincoln — which averaged $81,818 across 11 cinemas — had attracted a sizable chunk of specialty business. Magnolia’s A Royal Affair averaged $5,714 in 7 locations, while Music Box’s Starlet averaged $2,670 from 6. Kino Lorber’s Isabella Huppert-starrer In Another Country debuted in a single location with $3,500, and Tribeca Film’s The Comedy took in $6K at one cinema. Cinedigm/Flat Iron did not report figures for Citadel.

Chasing Ice next will next uptown to the Elinor Brunin Munroe Film Center and expand into 10 additional markets next week. “We’re doing a fairly traditional release with VOD planned later,” said Submarine’s Dan Braun. “The film is obviously striking a chord with the current interest in climate change.”

Magnolia’s A Royal Affair debuted in seven theaters with a total gross of $40K. The Berlinale debut has grossed more than $6 million worldwide, but its appeal in the U.S. is still unclear. “It’s performed terrifically in other English territories including UK and Australia…” noted Magnolia’s Matt Cowal.  The company has not released the title on VOD as is typical for Magnolia, and a sizable expansion is slated next week with additional theaters the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Following In Another Country‘s debut at Lincoln Square, Kino Lorber said it plans its usual strategy for 30-40 cities. Tribeca Film’s The Comedy will next head to BAM in Brooklyn and open in San Francisco and Austin later this month. 28 Hotel Rooms which took in $3K in one theater will head to additional “select markets” next week, according to Oscilloscope.

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A Late Quartet headed into its second weekend in 53 additional theaters, averaging $2,808. It debuted with an $8,433 average in nine locations. TWC’s This Must Be The Place added 9 cinemas, averaging $2,742 vs. the $3,526 average in two theaters for its bow last week.


28 Hotel Rooms (Oscilloscope Laboratories) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $3K

Burn: One Year On The Frontlines (Area 23a) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $2,185

Chasing Ice (Submarine Deluxe) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $21K

Citadel (Cinedigm Entertainment) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $5,715

In Another Country (Kino Lorber) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $3,500

The Comedy (Tribeca Film) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $6K

A Royal Affair (Magnolia Pictures) NEW [7 Theaters] Weekend $40K, Average $5,714

Starlet (Music Box) NEW [6 Theaters] Weekend $16,018, Average $2,670


A Late Quartet (Entertainment One) Week 2 [62 Theaters] Weekend $174,089, Average $2,808, Cume $284,411

This Must Be The Place (The Weinstein Company) Week 2 [11 Theaters] Weekend $30,167, Average $2,742, Cume $43,524


The Loneliest Planet (Sundance Selects) Week 3 [13 Theaters] Weekend $16,900, Average $1,300, Cume $72,900

The Other Son (Cohen Media Group) Week 3 [53 Theaters] Weekend $125K, Average $1,222, Cume $511,102

The Flat (Sundance Selects) Week 4 [24 Theaters] Weekend $57,600, Average $2,400, Cume $238,650

Holy Motors (Indomina) Week 4 [14 Theaters] Weekend $32,153, Average $2,297, Cume $124,060

The Sessions (Fox Searchlight) Week 4 [128 Theaters] Weekend $545K, Average $4,258, Cume $1,654,672

The Big Picture (MPI Media Group) Week 5 [7 Theaters] Weekend $11,075, Average $1,582, Cume $113,317

Middle Of Nowhwere (AFFRM/Participant) Week 5 [12 Theaters] Weekend $20,211, Average $1,684, Cume $210,731

Smashed (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 5 [42 Theaters] Weekend $40,567, Average $966, Cume $249,497

Simon And The Oaks (The Film Arcade) Week 5 [17 Theater] Weekend $13,596, Average $800, Cume $141,581

The Paperboy (Millennium Entertainment) Week 6 [34 Theaters] Weekend $24,997, Average $735, Cume $677,200

Wuthering Heights (Oscilloscope Laboratories) Week 6 [3 Theaters] Weekend $2,500, Average $833, Cume $76,356

The Other Dream Team (The Film Arcade) Week 7 [5 Theaters] Weekend $3,572, Average $714, Cume $134,108

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (Summit Entertainment) Week 8 [607 Theaters] Weekend $1.06 M, Average $1,746, Cume $14,541,846

The Master (The Weinstein Company) Week 9 [88 Theaters] Weekend $103K, Average $1,170, Cume $15,688,058

Samasara (Oscilloscope Laboratories] Week 12 [48 Theaters] Weekend $48K, Average $1K, Cume $2,392,160

Death By China (Area 23a) Week 13 [1 Theater] Weekend $900, Cume $37,438

Searching For Sugar Man (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 16 [94 Theaters] Weekend $105,130, Average $1,118, Cume $2,562,105

The Imposter (Indomina Releasing) Week 18 [7 Theaters] Weekend $6,681, Average $954, Cume $868,359