Sounds like CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg has a lot on his agenda when he talks to his new distribution partners at Fox. He told analysts this evening that international execs at News Corp’s entertainment arm have “enthusiasm” for his effort to create a branded channel for the studio. That’s an idea that he floated publicly three months ago after his company announced its plan to buy Classic Media, which has an extensive library of baby boom generation cartoons. “It’s more than just a dream,” Katzenberg says, adding that he’s engaged in “good, substantive conversations” to make it “a dream that’s being realized.” In July he said that a channel could be for conventional TV or digital platforms, and could appear either in the U.S. or abroad. There are “different opportunities and barriers with each of those,” he says. But when it comes to TV, he says that his “next ambition is to get on Fox prime time.” That doesn’t mean he wants to pull away from Nickelodeon, owned by his soon-to-be-former distribution partner: Viacom. Katzenberg says that he continues to have good relations with, and confidence in, the kids’ channel which has been struggling to revive its ratings.

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