Life was relatively quiet in the universe of Google-funded YouTube channels during the week that began on Thanksgiving and ended on November 28. The Onion — helped by a hilarious send-up of the TED Talks — led a group of just eight channels that gained views over the previous week. Not surprisingly, Hungry was among the winners, rising 33 spots to No. 48, with a collection of videos dedicated to preparing Thanksgiving dinners and leftovers. But total views for the channels we cover fell more than 39% to 78.3M. The top 10 channels accounted for 52.5% of all views. DanceOn joined that group rising one slot to No. 10; Fuse fell three to No. 12. But Redbull views plummeted by 11.7M to 6.1M, enabling The Warner Sound to reclaim its long-held perch at the top of the charts.

Here are this week’s winners and losers. Those making the biggest gains in views: The Onion (+290,382 to 2M), Hungry (+115,506 to 257,373), Myish (+93,386 to 527,938), eHow Home (+35,684 to 202,731) and Mondo Media (+29,669 to 858,083). In addition to Hungry, channels rising most by rank: eHow Home (+21 to No. 57), Spaces TV (+18 to No. 62), Myish (+13 to No. 32), TED Education (+12 to No. 44), and a four way tie — all up 11 — with Bowery Presents (No. 68), Mondo Media (No. 23), Tasted (No. 61), and World Of Heroes (No. 66). Those dropping most in views after Redbull: The Warner Sound (-4.3M to 8.8M), SourceFed (-2.1M to 3.9M), ENTV from parent PMC (-2.1M to 2.6M), Fuse (-2.1M to 2.1M), and Motor Trend (-1.8M to 3.4M). And dropping most by rank: Everyday Health (-41 to No. 71), Take Part (-29 to No. 77), Popspot (-24 to No. 84), Kick (-21 to No. 39), and Modern Mom (-16 to No. 79).

Blayze supplies the data for our tally with one exception: YouTube provides views for the shows it funds on Mondo Media. Channels highlighted in beige are the ones that were launched before Google introduced its original channels program in November. Here’s our latest ranking: