Fans of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, and Justin Bieber and/or Selena Gomez, made this a good week for the entertainment news providers in our list of Google-funded YouTube channels. Clevver News, ENTV (from PMC), and Young Hollywood were all over news about the final installment of the Twilight movie series, and the young celebrities’ break-up. As a result, the channels were our three top gainers measured by views in the week ending November 14 vs the results from two weeks ago. (A technical glitch prevented us from running our tally last week.) ENTV moved up one slot to No. 4 while Clevver News jumped nine to No. 6 and Young Hollywood was  up four to No. 7. Redbull topped the chart, helped by “The Athlete Machine,” a video of an elaborate Rube Goldberg contraption powered by several extreme sports stars. The top 10 channels accounted for 50.7% of the week’s 96.1M views, down 1.9% from two weeks ago.

Here’s how things shook out compared to the week that ended October 31. Biggest gains by views: Clevver News (+2.2M to 4.1M), ENTV (+1.6M to 5.8M), Young Hollywood (+1.3M to 3.9M), Noisey (+1.2M to 4.2M), and The Onion (+1.1M to 2.3M). Biggest upticks by rank: Modern Mom (+42 to No. 38), Team USA (+35 to No. 49), Slatester (+25 to No. 24), Tasted (+25 to No. 51), and Cartoon Hangover (+21 to No. 43). Biggest drop in views: Machinima Prime (-4.2M to 6.3M), WWE Fan Nation (-1.9M to 3M), Motor Trend (-1.5M to 2.5M), The Warner Sound (-1.5M to 7.1M), and Vice (-1.4M to 2.1M). And biggest decliners by rank: The Thrash Lab (-46 to No. 73), Popspot (-22 to No. 84), DS2DIO (-21 to No. 66), and — each down 18 –My Damn Channel (No. 74), eHow Home (No. 87), and Comedy Shaq (No. 61).

Blayze supplies the data for our tally with one exception: YouTube provides views for the shows it funds on Mondo Media. Channels highlighted in beige are the ones that were launched before Google introduced its original channels program in November. Here’s our latest ranking: