Machinima Prime made its first appearance at the top of our weekly ranking of the Google-funded YouTube channels as it continued to roll out new episodes of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn — the live-action series based on the upcoming “Halo 4” combat-based video game. Microsoft spent about $10M on the web series; it began October 5 and has been gaining momentum with each weekly, 15-minute installment. The gaming channel had 10.5M views in the week ending October 31 — up from 7.2M the previous week, and from 1.4M just before Halo 4′s debut. The gain is impressive in a week when overall views among the channels we track was up just 0.7% to 97.9M, with the top 10 channels accounting for 53.5% of the total. ENTV, from parent PMC, returned to the group, rising six spots to No. 5, while DanceOn was up three to No. 9. Young Hollywood fell out of the top 10, but just barely, dropping one to No. 11. Clevver News was down six to No. 15.

In addition to Machinima Prime, the week’s top gainers by views were: ENTV (+2.3M to 4.2M), WWE Fan Nation (+2.2M to 4.9M), DanceOn (+1.5M to 3.4M), Motor Trend (+1.4M to 4.0M), and Vice (+1.3M to 3.4M). Channels making the biggest jumps by rank: Everyday Health (+34 to No. 30), Wigs (+29 to No. 48), Latham Entertainment (+14 to No. 44), Bammo (+13 to No. 46), and TED Education (+13 to No. 39). Those falling most by views: Redbull (-24.3M to 6.5M), Noisey (-1.1M to 3.0M), SB Nation (-492,503 to 74,970), Slatester (-384,547 to 334,156), and The Onion (-222,467 to 1.2M). And declining most by rank: SB Nation (-51 to No. 82), Slatester (-22 to No. 49), 123UNODOSTRES (-15 to No. 68), The Stylish Vids (-13 to No. 89), and a tie between U Look Haute (No 87) and DS2DIO (No. 45) which were both -12.

Blayze supplies the data for our tally with one exception: YouTube provides views for the shows it funds on Mondo Media. Channels highlighted in beige are the ones that were launched before Google introduced its original channels program in November. Here’s our latest ranking: