Clint Eastwood told Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity today that conservatives in Hollywood are afraid to reveal their political beliefs. “There is a group of people in Hollywood that are conservative, but by the nature of the word itself, they’re just reticent to speak out. And they’re reticent because they feel that they’ll maybe lose work, or they’ll be chastised in some way for having political views,” he said. The interview with the Oscar winner will play on  Hannity tonight at 9 PM ET. (Check out a sneak peek below). A public supporter of Mitt Romney, Eastwood made similar statements about conservatives in Hollywood during his surprise speech on the closing night of the Republican National Convention in August. Calling himself “crazy,” the actor responded afterward to the criticism he received and the distraction it caused the GOP nominee by saying his speech was never vetted. Eastwood has since appeared in a pro-Romney ad.

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In the sit-down today, Hannity asked Eastwood about why he interviewed an empty chair at the RNC as if President Obama was sitting in it. The actor said it just came to him as he was going onstage. “At the time I thought this is — this — that was really stupid. Why did I do that?  But then afterwards, I thought, you know, people started coming out and saying, well, that was fun. And maybe a little fun was what I was looking for. I don’t know,” Eastwood said. The actor told the Fox News host that he was glad for the strong reaction the routine received. “Because — yeah, well, that’s good if it makes the right people angry, and good, that’ll wake them up a little bit,” he said.