Frozen River producer Charles S. Cohen has acquired rights to Ben MacIntyre‘s bestseller Double Cross: The True Story Of The D-Day Spies, with plans for his production-distribution company Cohen Media Group to turn it into an international miniseries for cable and broadcast. The final installment of MacIntyre’s World War II trilogy is based on the efforts of five Allied operatives who specialized in turning German spies into double agents. They greatly aided the success of the D-Day assault and eventual Allied victory. The first two books in the trilogy from MacIntyre, an editor at the Times Of London, were Agent Zigzag and Operation Mincemeat; Crown published Double Cross in July. Stephen Dembitzer negotiated the rights deal on behalf of Cohen and CAA’s Robert Bookman on behalf of MacIntyre.

On the feature film side, Cohen Media recently released Lorraine Levy’s The Other Son, starring Emmanuelle Devos and Pascal Elbe, which has grossed $551,102 in its three weeks in theaters. It also has Spain’s official entry to the foreign-language Oscar race Blancanieves, the silent black-and-white film it acquired last month. The company also recently acquired the Rohauer Film Library with works of such pre-talkie talent as D.W. Griffith, Douglas Fairbanks and Buster Keaton.