Wisconsin District Judge Barbara Crabb threw out Apple’s lawsuit against Google’s Motorola Mobility unit over alleged patent abuse shortly before trial was to begin Monday. Last week, Crabb questioned whether she had legal authority to hear Apple’s claims and today she dismissed the case, Reuters reports. No word yet if Apple will appeal. At issue is the library of patents Google acquired along with Motorola for $12.5B in May. Apple alleged Motorola’s licensing practices were unfair. A Google spokeswoman told Reuters the company was pleased with the order, while an Apple representative declined to comment. Apple and Microsoft have pursued litigation against Google and partners like Samsung Electronics, which use the Android operating system on their mobile devices. Apple contends that Android is basically a copy of its iOS smartphone software, and Microsoft holds patents that it contends cover a number of Android features. Microsoft is set for a trial against Motorola in Seattle next week in a case similar to the Apple lawsuit in Wisconsin.