William Morris Endeavor today filed a petition to get Tommy Lee Jones to pay the $1.95 million in commissions the state Labor Commissioner recently ruled the No Country For Old Men actor owes the agency. WME’s filing today (read it here) with the California Superior Court arises out of the appeal the Oscar winner filed on October 10, with an amendment on October 19, against the Labor Commissioner’s October 1 ruling. WME says it can still push for its money now because Jones did not follow procedure. “A prevailing party in a Labor Commission proceeding may enforce an award where the opposing party has appealed the award but has failed to post the requisite bond,” WME’s action today noted. “To date, Jones has not posted a bond…Absent a satisfactory bond, an award issued by the Labor Commissioner is not stayed and may be confirmed by the Superior Court,” it added. Today’s petition requests a hearing date from the court for a ruling on its request.

At the beginning of this month, the California State Labor Commissioner rejected the actor’s request to bar the agency’s recovery of the commissions from his role as Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in the 2007 film. That ruling also said the agency did support Jones in his multi-million-dollar battle with Paramount over his NCFOM back-end compensation. Jones was awarded $15 million in that action. The $1.95 million is WME’s 10% commission on that award plus interest. Tommy Lee Jones first filed a petition of his own in the case on January 19, 2010 with an amendment in February 2011. Jones is represented by attorneys Martin Singer, Michael Holtz and Andrew Brettle of Los Angeles firm Lavely & Singer. WME are represented by Patricia Glaser, Kerry Garvis Wright and Amin H. Al-Sarraf of Glaser Weil Fink Jacobs Howard Avchen & Shapiro.