Lots of people re-watch moments in a show that grab them. TiVo can access that info on a second-by-second basis for all of its DVR users (they say it’s done anonymously). And that’s how it came up with what it says were the most-watched moments of last night’s debate between Vice President Joe Biden and GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan. The winner, across all networks, was the exchange at around 9:28:30 PM ET over Mitt Romney’s clandestinely recorded comment at a fundraiser that 47% of voters will support President Obama because they’re “dependent upon government” and “believe the government has a responsibility to care for them.” That led the way at CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News. Like with the first presidential debate, though, different moments appealed to audiences of different networks. ABC and MSNBC audiences cued into the moment (at 9:33:55 PM ET) when Biden said that Ryan asked for economic stimulus funds for his congressional district, even though he criticized the program. “Any letter you send me, I’ll entertain,” Biden said.

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