EXCLUSIVE: Sony Pictures has set Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp to rewrite to direct Giants. They will make their feature debut off of two short films that became big viral hits: Speed Of Light and Address Is Approximate.

In Giants, an alien race known as Giants on planet Gigantus are attacked by a foreign spacecraft, which prompts a team of soldiers to embark on a mission to Earth in order to wage war. The aggressors are taken aback when they realize they were giants on their home planet, they are 1/4 inch tall compared to earthlings, and the foreign spacecraft that attacked them was actually a loose screw from the Hubble telescope. The giants land in a nerdy kid’s yard, and through a series of events bond to save the world.

Jenkins and Sharp are a British duo who run the London-based commercial production house The Theory. They made the shorts to break into movies, and when Address Is Approximate got 1.7 million viewers in 12 days, they were signed by WME. Here is the short that created the feature action: