Breaking Amish TLCA month ago, amidst accusations that its hit reality show Breaking Amish was bogus, TLC said the truth would be “addressed in upcoming episodes.” Today the network finalized those dates:. A two-part cast reunion special will air after the show’s season finale November 11 and on November 18. Breaking Amish’s Jeremiah, Kate, Abe, Rebecca, and Sabrina will sit down with Access Hollywood’s Michelle Beadle for the one-hour shows to “speak candidly about their experience in New York and address all of the swirling rumors and allegations,” TLC said in statement today. “They also disclose where their relationships currently stand with their family and friends, and tackle the rumors and questions about the authenticity of their Amish and Mennonite backgrounds.”

Recent revelations have raised questions about show’s premise that it is about the cast’s first experience away from their isolated communities. A 2011 photo posted online of Abe and Rebecca shows the duo not only living in the big city as a couple but seemingly with a child; since Breaking Amish debuted September 9, the show has made it seem that the two had never met. On the TLC website, it still says on Rebecca’s bio that the “world outside is completely new territory for her.” In recent episodes, Abe and Rebecca have started dating, with him asking her to marry him on this week’s show only to discover she had been married before. A big hit for TLC in its first season, Breaking Amish has not received a second-season renewal. Hot Snakes Media produces the series, but Peacock Prods is producing the reunion specials.