Rupert Murdoch went on a Twitter tear this morning, taking jabs at President Obama and Joe Biden, especially the latter’s performance in Thursday’s VP debate. The News Corp CEO declared it would be a “nightmare for Israel if Obama wins. Biden outright lied about personal relations with Bibi”, referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A separate Tweet advised Mitt Romney in next debate “to ignore personal attacks and pivot to plans for millions of jobs and real opportunity for all. Only that matters.” Regarding events in Libya, Murdoch said “White House still lying about Benghazi. HAD to know truth, or is whole admin a shambles? Biden threw CIA under bus, now WH throws State!” Summing up presidential campaign momentum, he said “At moment election looks like coming down to Ohio. Huge spending by both sides, but Obama TV buying operation infinitely smarter.”

Rupert Murdoch Says He Likes Mitt Romney’s “Attacks”