The Daniel Stamm-directed psychological thriller is an English-language remake of the Thai pic 13: Game Of Death, about a guy who receives a mysterious phone call informing him that he’s on a hidden camera game show where he must execute 13 tasks to receive a big cash prize. He accepts the challenge as he’s in debt but soon he realizes he’s in over his head. Ron Perlman, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Tom Bower and Devon Graye have been added to the cast that already is toplined by Mark Webber and Rutina Wesley. The movie, to be distributed by Dimension Films in the U.S., begins shooting tomorrow.

IM Global’s genre label Octane is producing and financing with Brian Kavanaugh-Jones of Automatik and Kiki Miyake’s Little Magic Films. IM Global’s Stuart Ford, Deepak Nayar and Michael Roban, and Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions executive produce with Somsak Techaratanaprasert. Octane just wrapped production on Catherine Hardwicke’s erotic thriller Plush and next week kicks off shooting on the Eli Roth-produced Sacrament.