Once again, TiVo users watching different networks viewed and re-viewed different moments of last night’s presidential debate according to the DVR company’s second-by-second analysis of the anonymous data. But first place goes to the question from an undecided voter who asked (at 9:37:03 PM ET): “In what new ways do you intend to rectify the inequalities in the workplace, specifically regarding females making only 72% of what their male counterparts earn?” That was the most-watched moment on CBS and Fox News, the second-most-watched moment on NBC, and it came in No. 3 at CNN. Another question about immigration policy (9:58:28) was the No. 1 moment on NBC, and ranked second at CNN and third at CBS and Fox News.

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Mitt Romney‘s statement (9:26:07) that his tax proposals would not require middle-income families to pay taxes on dividends, interest or capital gains was the most-watched moment on ABC, and came in second at MSNBC. President Obama‘s comment (9:21:31) that Romney’s economic policies would bring back the “same mess” from the George W. Bush administration was the No. 2 moment at ABC and No. 3 at MSNBC. A few seconds later (9:21:39), the president’s explanation of how he’d build a strong economy became the No. 2 moment at Fox News. A question for Romney about how his policies would differ from Bush’s (9:45:21) was the No. 2 moment for CBS. The GOP candidate’s explanation of his energy policy (9:46:37) — and ability to secure all we need from North America — came in third at NBC.

How about the most talked-about moment of the debate? CNN had its most-watched moment at 10:16:07 when its correspondent Candy Crowley — last night’s moderator — corrected Romney and said that the president had indeed called the attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya “an act of terror.”

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