EXCLUSIVE: New Regency is in final negotiations to acquire Battle For Bonneville, a package that comes with Ryan Reynolds attached to star and Jon Favreau to direct the story of Art and Walt Arfons. The half-brothers were rivals on the race track until they put aside their differences and teamed to set the world land speed record three times. This was accomplished in the salt flats of Utah in a jet-powered race car.

The script was written by Dan Gilroy, who most recently teamed with Tony Gilroy to script The Bourne Legacy and is completing Pursuit for Universal and Captivate.  Favreau, the Iron Man helmer who has always held a fascination with muscle car lore, is developing this to direct. Favreau also is prepping Jersey Boys, and the hope is that the racing film will follow. Battle For Bonneville will be produced by Mayhem partners Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray, Dark Trick’s Reynolds and Jonathan Komack Martin, Favreau, Jennifer Fox and New Regency. CAA repped all the elements and handled the package.

Reynolds, who starred with Denzel Washington in Safe House and next stars with Jeff Bridges in R.I.P.D., is in talks to star in The Voices, a psychological thriller that will be directed by Marjane Satrapi from a script by Paranormal Activity’s Michael R. Perry.