Howie Mandel Take It All Game ShowSeven years ago, NBC struck gold with the launch of the Howie Mandel-starring Deal Or No Deal as a strip during a December holiday week. The network is hoping to emulate that success with Mandel’s new game show, Take It All (formerly Howie Mandel’s White Elephant), which will be stripped throughout the week of December 10-14 (9-10 PM all nights), concluding with back-to-back episodes Monday, December 17 (9-11 PM). To accommodate the newcomer, The Voice will air one-hour versions from 8-9 PM on both December 10 and December 17.

In the show, which echoes Deal Or No Deal but with prizes instead of cash, a contestant selects and opens a prize worth thousands of dollars, such as luxury cars, exotic trips, jewelry and VIP experiences. The next player has to decide whether they steal a prize that has already been revealed or take a chance with another unopened prize, hoping that what’s inside is worth more. When there are only two contestants left, the players are faced with a choice: keep the prizes they have — or try and take all the prizes.  If both players choose to “keep mine,” they will each keep the prizes they have won in prior rounds. If one player chooses “keep mine” and the other chooses to “take it all,” the player that chose “take it all” will go home with all the prizes — theirs and their opponents. But if both choose “take it all,” they both go home with nothing. Take It All is from Universal Television and Alevy Prods. Mandel, Scott St. John and Mike Marks are the executive producers.