ABC has put in development Coup, a drama written by Mad Men co-executive producer Chris Black. Feature director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) is on board to executive produce and direct. Coup is a serialized thriller about a young American man whose wife is taken hostage in an overseas coup, and who must join forces with a dangerous mercenary to get her back. ABC Studio is producing. The project falls under Campbell’s overall deal with ABC Studios. It is his second sale at ABC through ABC Studios this season, along with soap Killer Women, which Campbell executive produces along with writer Hannah Shakespeare, Ben Silverman, Sofia Vergara and Luis Balaguer. Additionally, Campbell is attached to executive produce and direct a re-imagining of Terry Nation’s classic British space series Blake’s 7 for Syfy, being written by Joe Pokaski and produced by Georgeville Television. Campbell is repped by CAA and Walter Teller & Ken Richman; Black, whose credits also include Desperate Housewives and Star Trek: Enterprise, is with WME.