Last month they won an Emmy for HBO’s Game of Thrones, this month some of them lost their jobs. Deadline has learned that staff have been let go at CSS Studios’ Todd-AO, Modern Music and Soundelux facilities in LA. The postproduction company’s President Bob Rosenthal also has left. “Earlier this week, CSS Studios laid off 18 employees out of our workforce of more than 400.  The layoffs impacted employees serving in a variety of administrative and support functions.  Our facilities in Los Angeles are operating normally, and there will be no impact to our capacity to continue to service our clients and their projects,” said a company spokesperson.

CSS Studios has worked on sound production for numerous award winning films and TV shows over the past 30 years. Besides their recent Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series Emmy, their facilities have worked on The Hunger Games and End Of Watch, among others. In mid-September Discovery Communications sold CSS Studios to the Miami-based Empire Investment Holdings. Within a week, the new owners closed the doors on the company’s NYC-based Sound One postproduction house. At the time, Empire Investment Holdings said that action wouldn’t impact CSS Studios LA operations. Now it has.