The 95.4% increase in sales of ads for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices — to $1.2B in the first six months of 2012 — helped to propel the results from the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s latest Internet Advertising Revenue Report. And search, which accounts for nearly half of all Internet ad sales, still looks robust: It was up 18.8% to $8.1B. Digital video also stood out, growing 18.2% to nearly $1.1B. But display-related ads were only up 4.4% to $5.6B. And a few categories declined including classifieds (-6.1% to $1.2B) and email (-1.3% to $78M). “Solid double-digit growth in a stagnating economy is a significant accomplishment,” says Sherrill Mane, IAB’s SVP Research, Analytics and Measurement. “There is evidence that CPMs are maintaining, and even increasing, further substantiating the vitality of the internet ad market.”