Jennifer EspositoThis Friday, November 2, CBS was slated to air the episode in which Jennifer Esposito’s character Jackie Curatola is being put on a leave of absence, and the first temporary new partner for Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg), played by Megan Ketch, is introduced. However, I hear Hurricane Sandy delayed post-production on the episode of the drama, which is based in New York. As a result, Blue Bloods will air another original on Friday, a standalone episode featuring Danny working protection detail for an infamous photographer who is a witness for Danny’s sister, prosecutor Erin Reagan-Boyle (Bridget Moynahan). Esposito does not appear in the episode (she also was not in the episode that aired last Friday). Esposito’s last episode (for now) has been rescheduled for next Friday.

In a move that has stirred controversy, Esposito was put on medical leave by Blue Bloods producer CBS TV Studios after the actress’s doctor advised her to reduce her work load from full- to part-time due to Celiac disease, a request the studio said it could not accommodate given the demands of the role. CBS left the door open for Esposito to return but in the interim, it is bringing in actresses to play revolving partners for Danny, starting with Ketch, who is filming four episodes. She will be followed by Megan Boone, who has been tapped for three episodes with a series option behind it.