On November 2, Undercover Boss will have its fourth-season premiere on CBS. A month later, on December 2, A&E will debut its offshoot series Be The Boss. Be The Boss was inspired by an episode of Undercover Boss and originated as a pilot at CBS before moving to A&E. It is produced by the same company, Studio Lambert, that produces the Emmy-winning Undercover Boss.

Each episode of Be The Boss is a competition between two employees of a franchise-based company. The employees go through challenges thinking they’re vying for a promotion, but in fact the winner will be handed the keys to a franchise or new branch of their own. There are no losers in this competition as the one who loses out on the franchise prize gets the promotion both employees had been seeking. The companies featured in Be The Boss include Complete Nutrition, Auntie Anne’s, Signal 88 Security, Molly Maid, Jazzercise and The Melting Pot. Executive producing are Stephen Lambert, Eli Holzman, Aaron Saidman, Brien Meagher and Phil Lott. Be The Boss is part of A&E’s efforts to broaden its unscripted offerings beyond its bread-and-butter docu series.