LOS ANGELES – The Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) has announced the final results of its 2012 WGAW Board of Directors election.

The following eight members were elected to the WGAW’s Board of Directors: Chip Johannessen, Katherine Fugate, Michael Oates Palmer, John Aboud,
Scott Alexander, David A. Goodman, Marjorie David, Kathy Kiernan.

Chip Johannessen (870, 10.8%), Katherine Fugate (840, 10.5%), Michael Oates Palmer (790, 9.9%), John Aboud (723, 9.0%), Scott Alexander (684, 8.5%), David A. Goodman (651, 8.1%), Marjorie David (650, 8.1%), Kathy Kiernan (585, 7.3%).

The Board members will serve a two-year term, effective immediately.

David Shore (563, 7.0%), Alexander Cary (437, 5.4%), Meg LeFauve (393, 4.9%), Jordan Mechner (273, 3.4%), Barbara Turner (246, 3.1%), Eric Small (153, 1.9%), Terrence Coli (151, 1.9%).

A total of 1,320 valid ballots were cast. Each ballot contained up to eight votes. Percentages are based on total number of votes cast. The ballot count was supervised by Robbin Johnson of Pacific Election Services, Inc., an independent firm