September 5, 2012– It was announced today that leading digital distribution company GoDigital has picked up the rights to the acclaimed documentary Sons of The Clouds: The Last Colony. Produced by Academy Award®-winning actor Javier Bardem, Alvaro Longoria and Lilly Hartley, the documentary, directed by Longoria of Morena Films, will screen at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 13th in the prestigious Mavericks section.

The release of the film by GoDigital will coincide with a theatrical debut at the IFC Center in NYC in mid-October, which will start a series of screenings around the country. Coupled with a multi-territory deal on multiple digital platforms, including iTunes, the film will aim to reach viewers here and abroad shortly after its North American premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.

Launched earlier this year at the Berlin Film Festival, the film features Javier Bardem and focuses on a forgotten, unresolved conflict in Northern Africa where the de-colonization of the Western Sahara has displaced nearly 200,000 Sahrawi people to refugee camps.

“The problems present in Western Sahara mirror those in all Arab nations where human rights are not respected,” said the team of filmmakers, including Lilly Hartley of Candescent Films, at a recent special screening of the film at the European Parliament. “One of our goals is for the film to alert and educate audiences about the injustices occurring in the Western Sahara and encourage leaders to take action to monitor fundamental human rights in the region.”

“This is a gripping documentary made by passionate filmmakers,” said Logan Mulvey, CEO of GoDigital. “We’ve been following the project for a while and wanted to grab it before it played at Toronto.”

Sons of The Clouds: The Last Colony turns its gaze to this humanitarian crisis that has long remained on the backburner of the international political agenda. Exiled and living in refugee camps, the Sahrawi people receive little attention from international media and humanitarian groups.

WME GLOBAL represented the film in negotiations with the digital partners.