UPDATE: Syrian filmmaker Orwa Nyarabia’s family said today he was freed today in “strong and good spirits,” according to Deadline sister site MovieLine. His military abductors on Tuesday turned him over to a civilian court which reviewed his case and freed him.

PREVIOUSLY: The European Documentary Network posted this statement today on its website.

Finally the good news came, that Orwa Nyrabia, Syrian film producer and director of the Syrian film festival DOX BOX, who was arrested August 23 at Damascus International Airport, has been set free.

The site had no further details. Deadline reported last month that Nyrabia was arrested August 23 at the Damascus airport as he was on his way to Cairo. He was taken into custody by one of the security services of the Syrian regime to be detained in the jail cells of the intelligence services. The Toronto International Film Festival last week expressed “deep concern” over Nyrabia’s arrest. His release came just days after the death of Syrian filmmaker Tamer al-Awam, who died in Aleppo, “where he was filming the bombardment of civilian neighborhoods,” as reported by the New York Times.

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