UPDATE: NBC has posted a clip of the spoof, which we’ve added below. Scroll down to view.

You won’t be surprised that Saturday Night Live‘s primetime special SNL Weekend Update Thursday opened with its funniest, and most timely, routine — a send-up of the secret video of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The show took it on via a parody of Fox NewsFox & Friends. (It featured Tarran Killan as Steve Doocy, Vanessa Bayer as Gretchen Carlson, and Bobby Moynihan as Brian Kilmeade.) Their version of the video showed Romney, played by Jason Sudeikis, saying he won’t win the votes of 47% of the country who don’t pay taxes. But he adds “I don’t mean senior citizens. And I don’t mean members of our armed services. And I don’t mean Southern whites…When I say ‘these people,’ I mean black people.” The Fox & Friends hosts then show other secret videos of Romney at a McDonalds (“How do you people eat this garbage?”), being caught in Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab, and secretly singing in a shower. His song: “Oh, poor people hate having jobs…” The sharpest jab came at the end when the fake Fox & Friends scrolled a long list of corrections needed from the first two hours of the show. (One says: “Angela Merkel is not a palindrome.”)

Seth Myers led most of the rest of the show from the Weekend Update desk. His best line was also about the secret video: “Just because Mitt Romey said something doesn’t mean he believes it.” They brought Bill Hader on to impersonate James Carville, but instead of parodying him Hader simply portrayed the political commentator behaving oddly. Things went downhill from there: A fake ad for a video called Convention Cutaways, and Moynihan joining the news desk as a character called Drunk Uncle who dispenses disjointed riffs about how the world has changed for the worse.