“What has been accomplished and what is at stake, whether we can get health care, afford to go to college, be guaranteed equal pay, all of these things are at great great risk,” The Avengers star told the DNC today after a short speech by Scandal star Washington. “And that’s why I’m here today to use whatever attention I’m fortunate enough to receive to shed the spotlight on what’s at stake for all of us,” she added. Johansson’s less than five minute speech was short on Hollywood talk and long on policy and politics, as was Washington’s. “We want you to know that tonight, even as this convention is coming to a close, a movement is building is around our country,” said the Scandal star earlier. While not quite the secret or surprise that Clint Eastwood was at the Republican Convention last week, Johansson and Washington were last minute confirmations to the Democrats speaker schedule. Both the actresses who are long time supporters of Barack Obama, are reaching out to younger voters and potential voters by discussing women’s issues, student loans and employment. Johansson and Washington, who followed a performance by the Foo Fighters, are two of a number of stars taking center stage tonight at the convention before the Vice-President and the President speak.

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Harold and Kumar star Kal Penn is be hosting a livestream online from the convention starting at 5 PM tonight. He’ll be interviewing stars like Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks as well Vice-President Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama and the President himself. The former White House Associate Director of Office of Public Engagement spoke to the delegates on Tuesday,poking a fun at Eastwood’s empty chair routine from the RNC. Earlier in the evening Ashley Judd, who is a delegate to the convention, side-stepped an attempt by CNN’s Piers Morgan to react to Clint Eastwood’s appearance at the RNC. Former Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is also scheduled to speak to the convention later tonight. Longoria, who yesterday said she aimed to be different from the sometime rambling performance by Eastwood, is a co-chair of the Obama reelection campaign.

(Photos of Washington and Johansson by Getty Images)