BREAKING: The Democratic Party has firmed Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington to give major speeches at the Democratic National Convention tonight at 7 PM. The choice of the actresses is hardly random. Organizers of President Obama‘s re-election campaign have taken a decidedly different track with its use of Hollywood celebrities than the Republicans did last week with Clint Eastwood’s rambling lecture to an empty chair that had many scratching their heads.

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I’m told that the Dems have chosen two young women who’ll focus on getting college students to come out and vote. Johannson and Washington, who were both active in Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, will speak on issues that include protecting women’s rights, the burden of student loans, and the importance of entry-level jobs. Both Johansson and Washington — whose producers on the ABC series Scandal moved her schedule so she could be in North Carolina tonight — will talk about their own experience with these issues before they became stars and how they have benefited from the system. “It should be an elegant contrast to what Clint did last week,” said an insider. Johansson just starred in Marvel’s The Avengers and Washington stars in the upcoming Quentin Tarantino-directed Django Unchained. 

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