Apparently so according to New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman, who’s writing a book about Fox News and its founder. Although Ailes’ current deal runs to next summer, his lawyer, Peter Johnson — who’s also a Fox News contributor — has begun to negotiate a multi-year deal Sherman says citing “two sources with knowledge of the discussions.” One person said to be “familiar with the talks” claimed that Ailes may want more than $30M a year; this week News Corp reported that Ailes collected $21.1M for the fiscal year ending in June. Ailes could justify the increase by pointing to Fox News’ importance as a cash cow for the company. It will become even more central to News Corp once the media giant spins off its publishing operations. The problem: Rupert Murdoch made $30M and COO Chase Carey made $24.8M last year, and Sherman notes that it’s “hard to see Murdoch paying Ailes more.” Still, in previous run-ins with Ailes “Rupert has always capitulated,” the writer quotes an unnamed “intimate” saying. Meanwhile someone “close to Ailes” says that the 72-year-old former GOP political consultant is considering whether he wants to stay or find something else to do. Sherman’s book caught the eye of HBO, but execs decided in July not to proceed with a movie fearing that it would be tainted from the start by the channel’s ties at Time Warner to CNN.