LOS ANGELES, Sept. 12, 2012 — Rentrak Corporation and Screen Engine today announced a jointly-developed syndicated product called PostTrak, that will report box office sales figures, audience demographics and the aspects of each title that trigger interest and attendance — all in real time. This new subscription service will measure all wide-released films during their opening and second weekends and will also report on:

— Moviegoers’ sources of awareness about the movie
— Primary reasons for attending
— Comparison of the film to their in-going expectations
— Urgency to communicate impressions about the movie to family/friends
— Most likely way of communicating about the film (social network)
— Interest in renting/purchasing the movie on DVD/Blu-ray/VOD

PostTrak is the most precise tool available for predicting future ticket sales at the box office and projections for DVD and VOD revenues. It will provide the industry with hour-by-hour and region-by-region reporting as each new wide-release title opens across the country. Additionally, PostTrak will measure second weekend audience reactions to enable studios to better leverage opening weekend audience reactions and decide how to adjust messaging with greater immediacy than ever before.

The PostTrak service will be available by subscription to the movie industry and will include Rentrak’s census-level metrics as well as Screen Engine’s monitoring of actual audience composition and post-opening results measured on each new movie opening in wide release. PostTrak will also give clients the ability to make comparisons against competitive films.

Kevin Goetz, Founder and CEO of Screen Engine, said: “The PostTrak results will provide decision makers with far more reliable feedback in 20 demographically representative markets nationwide. This is in stark contrast to the traditional method of exit poll collection and reporting currently undertaken in only 3-4 markets.”

“PostTrak is a compelling new development in providing the industry with dynamic, timely and actionable information on how movies are performing in theaters,” said Ron Giambra, President of Theatrical Worldwide at Rentrak.