J. Edward Shugrue, former President of Loews Cineplex International and long-time head of the Sony Pictures overseas distribution division, passed away today after an illness. Known as Ted, he had a half century of experience in the entertainment industry. At Loews Cineplex International, he introduced state-of-the-art megaplexes in Spain, Korea and Italy. He played a significant role in building the distribution capabilities for TriStar Pictures, later Columbia TriStar, and served for 10 years as founding President of Columbia Tristar Film Distributors International. He forged important distribution deals for Columbia with Disney, Orion, Fox and The Weintraub Entertainment Group among others. He was an EVP for Sony Pictures and formed international production offices for box office hits like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Shugrue also managed distribution and sales offices for 20th Century Fox. He was a VP of the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers and a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Most recently Shugrue was President/CEO of Envoy Media Partners Ltd, a British Virgin Islands joint venture that owns 80% of MegaStar Media.