We’ve been waiting to see what YouTube would do since last month when Apple said that the license had expired for it to offer the Google-owned video service pre-loaded into iPhones and iPads. And here’s the answer: a new app out just before Apple’s press conference tomorrow, where it’s expected to unveil a new iPhone with a 4-inch screen, up from 3.5 inches, making it more suitable for video viewing. Google says in a blog post that the software, available at the App Store, will enable users to watch tens of thousands of official music videos. People also should find it easy to access YouTube channels to which they subscribe, create playlists, and share videos on email and social network platforms (including Facebook, Google+, and Twitter). No word about advertising on the new app; it was believed that Google wanted out of its pre-load agreement with Apple because it barred YouTube from showing ads on the phones and tablets. Google says that iPad users should have the optimized YouTube app “in the coming months.” YouTube says that it has 1B mobile views a day, equal to about a quarter of its total views. And YouTube isn’t just for people using their broadband connections during their lunch hours at work: The heaviest viewing period, Google says, is during the evening prime time period.