A lot of Netflix customers still feel burned by its decision last year to split its streaming and DVD rental services, raising the price for the combination by 60%, according to a survey by GfK. Some 51% of the 1,051 people between ages 13-54 that the firm surveyed in June said that they’d be willing to dump Netflix in favor of a similar streaming service from their pay TV company. That’s up from 45% who said they’s switch in a similar survey last year. “Netflix clearly has built a model worth emulating — but it will have to fight harder to sustain brand loyalty and its position as market leader,” says GfK Media SVP David Tice. Netflix subscribers depend on the service: The average user spends about 8 hours a week watching shows. GfK figures it at about 5.1 TV shows and 3.4 movies each week. (It measures the average TV show at 30 minutes and the typical movie at 1.5 hours.)