Singapore/Beijing: On September 6, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and Taobao Marketplace (, China’s leading online retail platform signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote a healthier online environment in China for the sale and distribution of legitimate audio-visual content.

Both parties have reached a common understanding regarding the importance of strengthening existing standards, mechanisms, and mutual responsibilities concerning the identification and removal of copies of MPA member company content from’s consumer-targeted e-commerce platform that the members have identified as counterfeit or otherwise infringing.

Measures include the requirement for shops on to hold a valid and active “Publication License” (as provided for under Section 36 of State Council Directive 594 dated March 19, 2011) and the adoption of more transparent criteria to address recalcitrant sellers of goods copyright owners have identified as infringing. also agreed to work with MPA to efficiently and effectively identify and remove listings of MPA’s member company products that they have identified as counterfeit or otherwise infringing, and to jointly work with law enforcement to pursue serial offenders.

“In the past year, both MPA and have been engaged in discussions to address the availability of infringing content on Taobao’s online marketplace. This MOU is a very significant step in promoting the legitimate sale and distribution of audio-visual content on the Internet. We are very confident of seeing positive and immediate results arising from this initiative”, said Mike Ellis, President and Managing Director, MPA Asia Pacific.

“The Taobao Companies are committed to setting an example regarding respect for intellectual property, and this MOU demonstrates that continuing commitment,” said John Spelich, Vice President of Alibaba Group. “Our takedown system is designed to help intellectual property rights owners protect their rights in accordance with relevant laws and is consistent with systems of other leading e-commerce platforms around the world, but we welcome the consultation with MPA as a way of sharpening the focus and operational approach of that commitment.”