UPDATE, 6:42 PM: “I’ve worked on a lot of fun movies but my favorite job was having a boss who gave the order to take out Bin Laden and is cool with all of us getting gay married,” Kal Penn told the delegates at the Democratic Convention tonight. “So thank you invisible man in the chair for that,” added Penn taking a dig at Clint Eastwood’s mock Obama interview at the Republican Convention last week. Penn, who used to work at the White House as an Associate Director of Office of Public Engagement, started off his appearance by pretending to accept the party’s nomination for the Presidency before launching into his own policy and legislative heavy speech. “Rahm is a Mayor now so he can’t use four letter words,” said Penn near the end of his 12-minute speech in reference to the Chicago Mayor who was his predecessor on the podium. “But I’m no Mayor, so I got one for you. Vote.”

PREVIOUSLY, 5:42 PM: He won’t be in primetime like Clint Eastwood was at the GOP convention last week. But “Kumar” is addressing the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina around 6:20 PM. The actor also will host a “Live From Charlotte” livestream on Thursday night before President Obama speaks. A big Obama supporter in 2008, Penn left House to become Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement then returned to Hollywood. Penn is in an ad along with his Harold & Kumar co-star John Cho promoting the Livesteam: