This is a big addition for the Fox initiative designed to promote sales of digital downloads of home videos, which kicks off today. The studio is making more than 600 movies available under its new Digital HD-branded program. Today’s top attraction is Prometheus, being offered for less than $15 and three weeks before it’ll be out on DVD or Blu-ray. Fox‘s early release date for electronic sales is the change that’s generated the most industry buzz. Google had been the most glaring missing piece in Fox’s distribution network that includes Apple’s iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy’s CinemaNow, PlayStation, Walmart’s VUDU, and Xbox Live. But Fox says today that its Digital HD films will be available through Google Play and YouTube. Consumers who buy home videos through any of the online retailers will also have streaming rights, although the exact method varies depending on the seller’s business arrangements.

Fox says that it’s promoting Digital HD with its “most extensive all-digital media campaign to date for digital movies.” It expects to reach more than 100M movie viewers on retailers’ sites as well as sports, music and gaming destinations. “Available in more than 50 countries, Digital HD is a brand that will define the convenience and selection that digital ownership brings,” says Mary Daily, President of Worldwide Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer.