Film financing group BackUp Media is joining forces with Groupe 1, the company founded in 2002 by former Studio Canal exec Daniel Marquet. The new partnership will source and represent 10-15 international projects per year with budgets up to 30M euros. The parties will look to work with independent film & TV producers to develop and structure financing for “commercially viable projects with artistic ambition,” they said today. Since its inception in 2002, BackUp has packaged the financing and distribution of dozens of films with a total aggregate budget of over 200M euros. Their recent credits include Walter Salles’ On The Road and omnibus picture 7 Days In Havana. Marquet most recently secured a significant part of the financing for Christophe Gans’ La Belle Et La Bête. His clients include Pan-Européenne, Nord-Ouest Films and Yellow Bird for which he sold the Millenium series.

BackUp and Groupe 1 will continue to operate separately in other areas. Marquet, in Toronto this week with BackUP’s Jean-Baptiste Babin, noted: “In the last 3 decades, I have witnessed the film sector being subject to constant changes and economical challenges. We always had to adapt and find creative solutions to keep our film culture alive. Today, there’s a serious growing pool of new forms of film investment available to all of us and it represents one of the most active changes in the film business. But financing independent pictures has become more complex. Adding my experience and network to BackUP’s dynamic forces will lead to stronger and powerful ways to put together pictures for the benefit of the producers.”