An exclusive video of New York Red Bulls soccer star Thierry Henry’s astounding goal from a corner kick helped KickTV to score in the week that ended September 19. Data in our weekly look at the performance of Google-funded YouTube Channels show that Major League Soccer’s video platform gained nearly 1.4M views, bringing it to 2.1M, and moved up 14 spots to No. 11. Total views in the Google-funded channel universe dropped 3.3% to 75.6M, and the top 10 channels accounted for 51%. Redbull rose two slots to join the chart leaders at No. 9, while Noisey was up six to come in at No. 10. Nuevon fell seven places to No. 12 and Fuse dropped 14 to end the week at No. 17.

In addition to KickTV, the week’s biggest gainers measured by views were: Vice (+990,147 to 6.4M), Motor Trend (+812,094 to 4.2M), WWE Fan Nation (794,175 to 3.6M), Noisey (+747,018 to 2.2M), and Mondo Media (+547,956 to 2.8M). Those advancing most by rank were: CafeMom Studios (+19 to No. 63), I Am Other (+18 to No. 41), 123 Uno Dos Tres (+17 to No. 45), Monotransitor (+17 to No. 43), and Kick. Channels with the biggest drop in views: The Warner Sound (-2.8M to 8.5M), Fuse (-2.5M to 1.5M), Nuevon (-1.1M to 2.1M), THNKR (-733,150 to 172.211), and Clevver News (-579,511 to 2.5M). And those falling most by rank: Comedy Shaq (-39 to No. 81), Start (-35 to No. 73), THNKR (-34 to No. 57), Wigs (-16 to No. 62), and Fuse.

We have a new data provider beginning this week: Blayze, which was founded by Ben Smith — a former YouTube executive — supplies the numbers with one exception: YouTube provides views for the shows it funds on Mondo Media. All statistics are drawn from YouTube and are comparable with the numbers in our previous reports. Channels highlighted in beige are the ones that were launched before Google introduced its original channels program in November. Here’s our latest ranking: