2ND UPDATE: Hero Complex’ blogger Geoff Boucher tonight finally acknowledged he is leaving the Los Angeles Times. He said on Twitter: 

@geoffboucher: Interviewed Clint Eastwood over on the Warner Bros lot today…great way to go out.

‏@MYGEEKTIME: “going out”? are u leaving LA TIMES?

‏@geoffboucher: Yes after 21 years.

UPDATE 5:30 PM: Back on August 23rd I scooped the news from a reliable Hollywood source that Geoff Boucher was moving on from his position as the Los Angeles Times ‘Hero Complex’ blogger for reasons unclear. To date there has been no announcement from Boucher or the paper. (Although at one point Boucher was checking to see if his company Twitter account was still working…) Today I’ve obtained an internal email not for public consumption from a top LA Times entertainment editor that confirms in the subject line, “No maybe about it: Geoff is leaving.” I said it last month and I’ll repeat it now: this is a huge loss for the paper and it follows on the heels of longtime movie columnist Patrick Goldstein taking a buyout instead of working for the new editorial leadership. According to my sources, the new editorial leadership is hell-bent on pushing out those LA Times writers with the biggest salaries and/or the strongest opinions. I know of at least four other big-ticket columnists/reporters who are under pressure.

‘Hero Complex’ is a great blog, Boucher is an expert in all things comics, and I truly envy his extensive knowledge about Marvel and DC Comics and such. Boucher came to the LAT in 1991 and, after years covering crime and local politics, he switched to the Hollywood beat covering film and music and then became the paper’s go-to geek. Boucher’s exit follows Editor Davan Maharaj’s arrival and then a new entertainment editorial team announced June 20th. Again allow me to repeat myself: it’s like moving deck chairs on the Titanic given that the newspaper has become lazy and irrelevant and its showbiz ads have fallen 25% every year as studio and theater chains abandon the publication. Seriously, no Boucher & no Goldstein = no showbiz readers.

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