CBS’ Sunday primetime lineup always gets scrambled on doubleheader days, when the late game delays that start. Those delays used to be random, depending on when exactly the game ended. This fall, CBS is setting that time to 7:30 PM, officially listing the scheduled start times for its Sunday night series 30 min later in the Eastern and Central time zone. That will stretch the network’s programming to 11:30 PM on those nights.

Fox’s Sunday primetime is set to start at 7:30 PM throughout the football season, avoiding unscheduled delays. (It ends at the usual time, 10 PM.) CBS had resisted changing its schedule so its entertainment programming follows the game immediately, with minimum loss of viewership. But NFL’s recent ove to move the kickoff time of the late afternoon games from 4:15 PM to 4:25 PM in order to avoid overlap with the early game prompted CBS’ decision.