JJ AbramsBREAKING: CAA has signed JJ Abrams, the impresario behind such TV series as AliasLost, Fringe, Alcatraz, Person Of Interest, and the upcoming Revolution, and the feature director of Mission: Impossible 3 (and producer of 4), the rebooted Star Trek, its sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, and Super 8,  and the producer of the massive hit Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Cloverfield, and the owner and Chairman/CEO of Bad Robot Productions with EVP Bryan Burk. Abrams has been without an agent  since June 2011, after leaving WME following the exit of his reps David Lonner and John Fogelman. CAA has been after this guy forever, and who can blame them? He’s a triple threat and Emmy- and Golden Globe- and soon-to-be-Oscar winner. Best of all for CAA, Abrams is a much-in-demand self-generator who is always churning out new projects via Bad Robot. Abrams’ prolific output makes him the closest thing his generation has to a young Steven Spielberg.

Abrams has built his Bad Robot into a major supplier of films to Paramount Pictures and into a formidable TV production company based at Warner Bros TV. Even so, I’m told that he felt he and Bad Robot could be working at a higher level with a major agency behind them. And that plum assignment has gone to CAA in what I would call the agency’s biggest ‘get’ in quite a long time. Because this is not just a prestigious but also potentially wildly lucrative piece of business.

Abrams is known for his loyalty and only left WME after both his agents there walked. When he left WME, Abrams relied on Lonner and his Oasis Media Group, a boutique management and production company. Then Abrams helped Fogelson found and fund Factorymade Ventures. Abrams ceased his involvement in Factorymade back in January once Fogelson was up and running. Presently, Abrams’ and Lonner’s relationship has evolved to the point where they will produce projects together, but Lonner will no longer be his manager. But from now on, CAA will steer Abrams’ and Bad Robots’ fortunes in TV and features. Alan Wertheimer continues to be his attorney.

Abrams and Bad Robot have three TV series on the air this coming season: CBS’ hot sophomore Person Of Interest, Fox’s departing critical darling Fringe, and the upcoming NBC drama Revolution. Bad Robot also just sold a TV pilot to Fox that will be scripted by Fringe‘s J.H. Wyman. And Abrams recently re-upped at Warner Bros TV where he has been since 2006. The rich new 3-year deal will keep Bad Robot at the TV studio until 2015. In terms of upcoming movie development, Abrams’ rebooted Star Trek sequel hits theaters in 2013, and he and Tom Cruise have begun plotting out Mission: Impossible 5.

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