Keep an eye on Alloy Digital if you believe that YouTube’s becoming an interesting breeding ground for online information and entertainment. Alloy’s been snapping up properties lately as it seeks to dominate media targeted to teens and young adults. Last year it acquired SMOSH, and this year it bought Generate, B5 Media, and Clevver Media. And today it clarified its plans to attract gamers, a key part of the company’s audience. It’s blending ClevverGames into a new channel called SMOSH Games. Alloy appears to believe that the SMOSH platform, which has 7M subscribers, will provide a jolt to the solid, but not dominant, gaming channel. Launched in April 2011, ClevverGames had about 100,000 subscribers. (Note: It isn’t funded by Google, so you won’t find it on’s weekly ranking of YouTube channels.) Alloy vows to cross-promote SMOSH Games across its websites and YouTube channels which include Clevver News, Clevver TeVe, and Shut Up! Cartoons.