I can’t tell whether the digital entrepreneur is spending a lot of money to goof on everybody, or whether he seriously believes he can generate a profit in strange enterprises that reflect his idiosyncratic sensibilities. In any case, Alki David is at it again today: He’s introducing a lineup of TV shows on KILM (Channel 64, formerly KHIZ) — where he has the operating rights, and which he’s calling FilmOn.TV LA. Personalities will include himself, Kato Kaelin, comedian Andy Dick, and model Janice Dickinson. “This is true interactive television where the audience is able to vote and interact by webcam and/or mobile phone,” David says. It’s being carried locally by cable providers including Time Warner Cable, as well as by DirecTV and Dish Network. By the end of 2013 FilmOn.tv LA will be available “in a good percentage of the cable Universe and (over-the-air) in the USA, as well as major international territories,” David says.

Most of the shows on KILM are already available online from his subscription service FilmOn.tv. The schedule includes TV-MA rated Alki David’s Celebrity Fight Night (the description: “Hollywood’s bad boys and girls go at it one on one in the ring.”), Andy Dick Live!, Tailgating With Kato Kaelin, Alki David’s Road To Hell (“Everyday people are tempted to follow the suggestions of TV’s original prankster, Alki David.”), Alki David’s Billionaire Challenge (“Gamers from around the world go head to head playing your favorite video games for cold hard cash.”), and FilmOn Mud Wrestling. They will not be on David’s BarryDriller.com, a separate entity that streams over-the-air broadcasts — and that is being sued by all of the major networks. It’s also being sued by IAC chief Barry Diller who backs another controversial TV streaming service, Aereo.