UPDATE, 12:45 PM: You don’t need to be bilingual to translate the Commission On Presidential Debates’ response to Univision CEO Randy Falco’s letter asking for an additional session targeting Hispanic voters: Don’t be a sore loser. Although “there are many organizations and individuals who wish they had been included in our moderator selection,” the CPD says, “it is impossible to accommodate all of them.” The organization adds that the four moderators it picked “see their assignment as representing all Americans.” And the debates “have always focused on issues of national interest that affect all citizens, including Univision’s audience.” The CPD says that it has met with Univision to consider “joint efforts to get the largest number of people possible engaged in discussing and learning from the debates, and (we) remain interested in working with you toward that goal.”

PREVIOUS, 11:39 AM: CEO Randy Falco says in a letter today to the Commission On Presidential Debates that none of the moderators it named Monday can “speak credibly to the concerns of Hispanics in America.” And he wants the independent group to create an additional forum featuring Univision’s news anchors Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas. About 8.7% of all voters are Hispanic, and the Latino population is especially significant in five swing states that could determine whether President Obama or Mitt Romney wins the election: New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Colorado. That’s why “it is surprising that not one moderator is Hispanic,” Falco says. He wants the Commission to schedule a debate “that will speak directly to this burgeoning audience so influential to the presidential dialogue and outcome in order to maximize Hispanic voter participation.” Univision would be glad to help with arrangements, and include Ramos and Salinas who he says are “fully bilingual” and are “the journalists most trusted by Hispanics.” On Monday the Commission said that PBS’ Jim Lehrer, CNN’s Candy Crowley, and CBS’ Bob Schieffer will moderate sessions with the presidential candidates while ABC’s Martha Raddatz handles one with Vice President Joe Biden and his likely GOP challenger Paul Ryan.