Robert Kirkman has been bitten with a second The Walking Dead lawsuit from his former collaborator Michael Anthony Moore. In a nine-page complaint (Read it here) filed Tuesday, Moore says he wants a jury trial and “a declaratory judgment that he is a joint author” of the comic on which the post-apocalyptic AMC series is based. Moore also wants co-ownership of other properties such as Battle Pope, Brit, Dead Planet and My Name is Abraham that he says he and Kirkman “jointly created.” Moore filed this latest suit in federal court even as the first suit he filed in February is in the discovery process in California Superior Court. AMC is not named as a defendant in either suit. In this week’s filing, which claims it is necessary so the state court can “properly award the correct amount of money due and owing to Moore,” the plaintiff says if it is decided his way he will “pursue his rights as a co-owner to proceeds generated from the Works.” In his suit earlier this year, Moore sought rights and royalties on The Walking Dead that he says Kirkman promised him. Moore claims he was persuaded in 2005 by Kirkman to give his rights to a limited company that Kirkman controlled in exchange for assured payments. Moore says he never got the money and that the TV deal Kirkman told him could be jeopardized if he didn’t hand over his rights didn’t actually exist at the time. The Walking Dead debuted on AMC on October 31, 2010 and has become one of the most successful shows on cable. Kirkman is an Executive Producer on the show. Moore is credited on the first six issues of The Walking Dead comics as “penciler, inker grey tones.” In March, Kirkman counterclaimed against Moore, saying he had overpaid him and that Moore had violated their confidentiality agreement. The third season of The Walking Dead debuts on October 14, 2012.