Dallas-based Big Headz Entertainment filed suit today in Los Angeles Superior Court against JMPB Inc. (aka MBP) and One Three Television, both of which have ties to prolific reality show producer Mark Burnett. The complaint alleges failure to properly account for revenues of the MTV show entitled Bully Beatdown. (You can read it here.) It claims MBP is controlled by Burnett and One Three TV also is controlled by Burnett as well as the assignee of MBP’s rights to Bully Beatdown. Big Headz says it initially entered into an agreement in 2007 to develop Bully Beatdown which aired on MTV in 2009 and 2010. Big Headz says it received from MPB in 2011 only three “incomplete, inaccurate, and misleading” financial reports which claimed that increased production costs resulted in zero payments because Bully Beatdown was operating at a loss. Big Headz wants a full access to MBP’s books and records relating to the series, but MBP and One Three rejected those requests. So Big Headz filed the lawsuit seeking payments, etc.