Doctor Who fans on both sides of the Atlantic will get their time travel fix when the new season debuts on Sept 1. But fans of Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat’s other show, Sherlock, will have to wait another year. The show is expected to return for fall 2013, it came out during a masterclass at the Edinburgh TV festival today. Shooting starts in January and delivery is being eyed for August. Moffat was there with his co-creator Mark Gatiss (who also plays big brother to the titular high-functioning sociopath), producer Sue Vertue and actor Andrew Scott, aka “consulting criminal” James Moriarty. Sherlock himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, recently had to pull out of the appearance. Ahead of the panel, Moffat teased via Twitter: “Last year it was Woman, Hound, Fall. This year’s three words revealed tomorrow at #MGEITF #Sherlock Master Class.” Making good on his promise, he said the three words for the 3rd season will be: Rat, Wedding, Bow. That could mean the Arthur Conan Doyle source material used for the episodes will be The Giant Rat Of Sumatra, The Noble Bachelor and His Last Bow, which, if correct would point to season three being the show’s last. Given Cumberbatch’s increasingly busy schedule that seems elementary. In other news from the panel, Moffat was asked about the new CBS series Elementary, which also revolves around a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, but he refused to discuss it. “We’ve said all we’re going to say about it.” That show debuts Sept 27 in the U.S. and will begin airing in the UK on Sky sometime in the fall. Finally, Scott would not say whether he will be back for season three, though he did intone, “Moriarty is dead.”