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No Fury Like Live Olympics Viewers Scorned
NBC Hammered Back Home For Not Airing Olympics Live

The gaffes just keep coming from the Numbskull  Broadcasting Company’s tape-delayed London Olympics coverage. Turns out that live viewers of the women’s gymnastics’ team medal competition on Tuesday saw Russia’s Ksenia Afanasyeva go splat during her floor exercises. Which virtually handed the gold medal to the Americans early on. But NBC coverage edited out Afanasyeva’s dramatic fall from its Tuesday night broadcast, which in and of itself is unthinkable since she’s the reigning world champion for floor exercises. Her mistake devastated her Russian teammates, who were visibly shocked and upset to everyone but NBC viewers. Claims are that the network didn’t show it to create fake suspense around Team USA which was performing after the Russians and already ahead in the previous events. NBC also avoided showing the standings. This is a manipulative and insulting way to cover any sporting event.